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Auditing & Assurance Services

The audit is an art of systematic and independent review and investigation on a certain subject matter, including financial statements, management accounts, management reports, accounting records, operational reports, revenues reports, expenses reports, etc.

we deliver tailor-made assurance and auditing services in India accentuated by impeccable quality to our clients in the local and global marketplace. Our aim is to assist our clients in steering through complex professional requirements with clarity and agility.

We continuously engage with our clients to ensure adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements, including disclosures. And we aim to provide constructive, value-added delivery. Our auditing services help clients to realize their organizational objectives. Our tried and trusted methodology facilitates the involvement of senior personnel at regular intervals throughout the audit process; thus, ensuring value beyond our audit report’s ambit.we have audited various entities in India (Stock auditors in India) and abroad for more than two decades. Our satisfied clients encourage us to improve the quality of the audits that we deliver continually.

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Procedure for Bookkeeping Services

1.Send us a copy of the Your book

2. analyze your data, effectively and fruitfully.

3. Accounting entries shall be sent to you for verification and approval.

4.Preparation of Financial Statement

  • Accounting System Access

      Get immediate access to your company’s                          QuickBooks or other accounting system files

  • Quick Document Submission

      Easily submit documents to us through an                      easy upload tool

  • Report Creation

       Monthly, quarterly, P&L, and other critical                     reports are generated and available to view

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